The THEN Section

The history and work of the Pictorialists

In this Section I outline what the Pictorialists did, why and how they managed to do it. There are fourwebpages in this section, please explore them all:

  1. An Infographic of the Pictorialists - a diagrammatic representation of the history of photographic process and important Pictorialist photographers

  2. Individual Pictorialists - a blog outlining the important Pictorialist photographers

  3. Pictorialist Organisations - a blog outlining the important organisations that helped further the Pictorialists’ aims

  4. History of important photographic processes used by the Pictorialists - a blog outlining the history of the photographic processes and how they influenced the Pictorialists

I am always adding to my blogs. If you believe that I have not covered an Pictorialist photographer or one of their organisations or a process that they used don’t worry it is likely to appear soon.

If there is anything that you think I have missed out or you beleive to be factually incorrect, please contact me.