My real journey into wet photography began when I met a wonderful man who became a close personal friend, the late Randall Webb. Randall and I met at the Richmond and Twickenham Photographic Society, RTPS, and he talked a lot about the various 'alternative' photographic processes, all of which he knew well.

The wonderful, and much missed, randall webb

We spent several evenings discussing photography and what it could be. Randall helped me take my first steps into this new world. We did Van Dyke Brown prints and Cyanotypes together and he lent me a small UV light-box, which allowed me to experiment with platinum printing (at which point I chose the rather pretentious, but memorable, pseudonym of 'Platinum Prince'. Apologies to all).

We went on to exhibit together - one occasion was on the 120th Anniversary of the RTPS around the time I was its President. Randall and I wanted to celebrate techniques that were around in 1890 when the RTPS was formed (in the middle of the Pictorialist era as it turned out and time I have since grown to love and explore as a photographer). We discussed in detail how they can be mixed with the current digital techniques. We called the exhibition "Faces Forward to the Past", primarily because I was into portraiture at that time and my part of the exhibition was entirely of faces printed using the gum bichromate process. 

Since those days I have continued to work on a wider variety of printing techniques, but I keep coming back to my great love - the gum bichromate print. I've read many books and got advice from many experts including the late Terry King, John Brewer and Christina Z. Anderson and continue to read and hassle others active in these photographic process and who share my passion for the Pictorialists.

I am immensely and continuingly grateful as I learn so much from others.