What are These Notes For?

My Handwritten Notebook from early April 2017

My Handwritten Notebook from early April 2017


My Notes blogs are mainly for me, but you should enjoy them as well

My Notes Here

The notes in this series of blogs are not intended to define any final process or technique. Instead, they perform a similar purpose to that of my handwritten notebooks in that I am capturing things, mainly for myself, for future reference. There are two differences to my notebooks:

  1. I'm sharing these with anyone who wants to read them
  2. It is much easier to cut and paste onto these blogs

My Handwritten Notebooks

My notebooks have a very different format:

  1. Each note is dated and are mainly written as the work progresses
  2. They are dull reading - they are mainly repetitive recording of all relevant measurements: sizes, volumes, chemicals, and type and size of paper
  3. It is exceptionally rare that review and edit my notes, and then only to remove ambiguity from a rushed note (or bad handwriting)

I do hope you find these notes useful - enjoy

Lessons Learnt

  1. Although these notes take longer to write and are more clumsy at the time I am doing the work, having them online is helpful since I can refer to them at any time