Courses I Run:

  • The Gum Bichromate Process (on hold while my darkroom is upgraded)

  • Adding edges to the subjects your Gum Prints (on hold)

  • Advanced PhotoShop for alternative photographic printing

  • How to 'calibrate' your negatives (and positives) with PhotoShop curves

  • Hi ‘n’ Lo Key Photography: independent separation of highlights and shadows

  • Using an inkjet printer to produce accurate and calibrated (negatives and positives)

  • Preparing papers for alternative photographic printing, including sizing and coatings

  • Build Your Own UV light-box for under £200

  • Developing and washing prints of sizes up to full Imperial: 30” x 22” (762mm x 559mm)

  • Archival mounting of alternative photographic prints

My Workshops are Currently Fully Booked

However, I will run one-to-one sessions occassionally. If you are interested please contact me and we can discuss the details.