The FUTURE Section

You can learn about these processes and how to do them yourself

In this Section I outline how you can learn from me my work and how it is influenced by the Pictorialists. There are three webpages in this section, please explore them all:

  1. My Workshops - a list of the workshops I run. Feel free to contact me about one-to-one sessions

  2. My Talks - I am giving talks quite regularly nowadays on the Pictorialists and associated topics

  3. Future Exhibitions - this outlines my current and planned exhibtions

  4. Past Exhibitions - whenever possible I add links and videos so you can still see something of them

I am in the process of upgrading my dimroom for Health and Safety reasons. Please be patient, my full list of workshops will be available soon.

If there is anything that you think I have missed out or you beleive to be factually incorrect, please contact me.