Relevant Photographic Qualifications / Posts

Awards, Prizes and Trophies

Photographic Printing Techniques I have Learnt

  • 2016 Highlight-on-Black Gum Printing -  Gum bichromate prints, white print layers on jet black paper

  • 2015 Wet Plate Collodion, Double Negative with John Brewer

  • 2015 Hi ‘n’ Lo Key Giclee Printing (preparation for gumoil) - Hybrid giclee prints, separate layers for highlights and colours on a mid-tone (and sometimes textured) background

  • 2013 Cartledge-style Printing - Hybrid giclee prints, patches of detail inside a more chaotic background

  • 2010 Stirling-style Printing – Hybrid giclee prints, colour and monochrome with hand-painted Photoshop masks

  • 2010 Bichromate Gum Printing. Modern version developed personally from old Victorian printing techniques with large giclee negatives

  • 2009 Platinum Printing

  • 2008 Cyanotype

  • 2008 Van Dyke Brown